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6 Reasons For an Entrepreneur To Get a Coach

By Vikaashh Kripallani (ACC)

In 2011, while I was running my property consulting firm I started getting coached by a UK-based performance leadership coach, Ann Bates. The coaching journey was transformative for me in many ways and opened up new possibilities I never imagined could be true. I will forever be grateful for her priceless contributions.

Coaching is a powerful conversational space that supports an entrepreneur to take a holistic view of life and business, methodically work on personal growth, and build a sustainable business.

In all the conversations and coaching sessions I have held with business owners, I picked up on these six major reasons for an entrepreneur to hire a leadership and/or business coach.

1. Overcome Limiting Behaviours and Beliefs

Your business is an extension of you. So every limiting behaviour or response mechanism you demonstrate will mirror itself in your business. If you procrastinate, success will be delayed and limited. If you overthink, opportunities will be lost and your colleagues/team could start getting frustrated with you.


92% Small Business Owners are Positively Impacted by a Business Coach


2. Envision an Extraordinary Future

Being clear is one, having a vivid exciting vision is another. To know where you are going, and why it’s important for you to get there is the backbone for your being, presence, language, focus, and choices in your business. Coaching creates a space for you to articulate what is it that truly excites you and gets you to rally people to join you in accomplishing this grand vision.

3. Break Boundaries to Accomplish Breakthrough Goals

Once you are anchored in an Extraordinary Vision, you need help to distance yourself from daily operational challenges and work on breakthrough goals that can create the big shifts to propel the business closer to your vision. Else it’s easy to get caught up in short-term problems and you end up operating from a survival mindset.


1 in 6 Entrepreneurs Turn to Coaching to Improve Personal and Business Performance


4. Make Mindful Commitments and Prioritize Better

Getting easily distracted and taking on too many things is a commonly found ‘Achilles heel’ in entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need to channelize their drive to excel by prioritizing their agendas, being careful with commitments, and delegating tasks that do not excite them and can be executed by others.

5. Develop 'Systems Thinking' to Boost Productivity

We tend to reply a lot on our people and expect great memory, logical and quick thinking etc. without providing them with systems, processes, tools and technology. Business owners who deploy a system to resolve a repetitive problem or enhance a process, experience faster growth and higher customer satisfaction.


More than 70% of entrepreneurs who have turned to leadership coaching have seen long-term results.


6. Empower Your People to Learn and Grow

Where there is personal growth, there is happiness. Where there is happiness, there is success. Business owners who help their people become who they want to be, command great respect and loyalty. A coach helps in creating a healthy relationship with failure and fostering a learning culture which boosts morale and productivity.

If you are an entrepreneur and have the itch to make a big shift within yourself and your business, then hiring a coach is the best investment you can ever make.

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