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After completing the program, you’ll be able to2022-01-06T08:24:03+00:00
  • Work on your strengths and build a winning personality
  • Transform your habits to experience more harmony and joy
  • Shape your learnings through valuable experiences
  • Utilize self-awareness to overcome your barriers
  • Start a practice of visioning and listening to your higher self
  • Communicate with a purpose and manifest all the support you need
  • Inspire others to take care of themselves and nurture their dreams
Key Highlight2022-01-03T18:14:45+00:00
  • Learn the Art of Somatics as every session will be followed by half an hour of Somatics.
  • ‘Somatics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘somatikos’, which signifies the living body in its wholeness.
  • The human body has immense intelligence, and through specific somatic (body) practices, we tap into this vast intelligence that can help us develop new habits of living, which will in turn give us richer experiences at work and home.
Who’s it for?2022-01-03T18:12:04+00:00
  • Women who want to become CEOs or board members in their organizations
  • Entrepreneurs who have a set business but are struggling to take it to the next level
  • Corporate women who wish to transform their career paths
  • Homemakers who are excited to venture into the world of entrepreneurship
  • Ambitious women with ideas to start a business or start-up
  • Individual working women like lawyers, designers, artists, writers, etc. who want to enhance their skills and mindset for growth


What will you get?2022-01-03T18:12:59+00:00
  • 4-weeks of training through live online sessions
  • Chance to join The Women of Vision’s exclusive platform
  • Opportunity to network and grow with like-minded women
  • Develop partnerships and friendships for growth
Benefits of Joining the Program2022-01-03T18:13:59+00:00
  • Become aware of your strengths and goals and take relevant actions
  • Connect with yourself and understand why you have the results that you do
  • Get connected to your SELPH – Somatics, Emotions, Language, Practices & History
  • Learn to use your body to change the way you experience the world
  • Identify the barriers to success and cultivate a habit of winning
  • Design your own emotions
  • Create an awe-inspiring vision for your life
  • Learn to listen deeply beyond words
  • Tap into possibilities
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Share your vision with the world

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