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One-on-one Coaching programs for Women Entrepreneurs

Outcomes of Coaching

  • Learn to communicate effectively.

  • Accomplish Breakthrough Goals

  • Would have expanded your capacities to think bold and take risks

  • You will see progress in your business.

  • Your stress levels will lower down

  • You will feel very confident about yourself

  • You will have a clear vision for your business

  • You will have clarity about where you are headed in life 

  • Your relationships with your clients, colleagues and at home will become richer


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Coaching Plan for 6 months

  • 2 sessions per month

  • 1 hour each session

  • We will review our progress at the end of every 2 months

  • Handouts are provided when required

  • Leadership practices are provided after every session

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What we need from you 

  • Have a commitment for your growth

  • Commit to do the practices as discussed in the coach calls 

  • Not miss any sessions (unless pre-decided)

What you can expect from us 

  • To be your mirror and to tell you what we see

  • To support you 

  • To be a stand for your growth

  • You can expect that we will not tell you what to do

  • Zero judgement

  • 100% Confidential conversations

Why 6 Months?

This coaching program is divided into 6 months such that along with being coached in every session you will learn new concepts and go back and implement them in your business and life over and over again. This implementation will give you new learnings about yourself and new questions which you can bring back to the next session.



A 40 minute FREE coaching session with either of us!  


How do you prepare for this free coaching session?

Think of one thing you would like to improve about yourself and let’s talk about it! 



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