Women are a powerhouse of ideas and passion. Whether it’s in the corporate world or at home, you can make a difference in countless lives with your leadership skills and ability to multitask. However, inevitable setbacks, challenges or roadblocks can limit the journey of a woman in her career or business venture. Finding the proper guidance, mentorship or financial support can give every ambitious woman a much-needed boost to succeed in life.

Women are a powerhouse of ideas and passion. Whether it’s in the corporate world or at home, you can make a difference in countless lives with your leadership skills and ability to multitask. However, inevitable setbacks, challenges or roadblocks can limit the journey of a woman in her career or business venture. Finding the proper guidance, mentorship or financial support can give every ambitious woman a much-needed boost to succeed in life.

Women have made huge impacts in the world, whether it is business or aeronautics or sciences or politics. They are out there, making a difference in the lives of all humankind! And yet there are millions of women who underestimate their own potential.

With the channeling of thoughts and energies, these women can consistently become a higher version of themselves and positively impact their own worlds and that of others.

The Women of Vision is established on the idea to create exponential opportunities and bring curious women together under a common platform. It’s a place to dream, ideate, collaborate, communicate and inspire each other towards unbeatable success.

Outcomes & Impact on Yourself & Your Business

The Women of Vision helps women develop breakthrough leadership styles, grow businesses with strategic insights, maintain higher levels of customer trust and satisfaction, increase profitability, achieve better work/life balance and make a significant contribution to your organizations, customers, employees, and the communities at large.

We aspire to create a lasting impact by supporting you in your journey of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-growth.

By investing your time, energy and efforts, you can break your glass ceiling and cultivate a habit of winning and growing. We believe that constant learning is at the core of development and invite every woman to see the impact of working on yourself and your idea.


Roots of the Program
“The Founders”

Sheeja Shaju

She’s the co-founder of The Women of Vision and a Somatic Leader and Leadership Coach who’s also an expert in dance movement therapy. She started working at the young age of 19 and has explored multiple professions over the years – from being an assistant to a commercial photographer to working in the Pune Stock Exchange, flying high in the aviation industry to running an activity centre, being a magazine editor and much more.

After her stints in various roles, she found her true calling – coaching and mentoring. She worked with the Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia for 8 years and coached countless business owners, CEO’s, directors, senior managers and business heads over the years. She’s an expert in the subject, ‘Body of a Leader’ and helps global leaders listen more actively to their bodies. Sheeja is certified in ‘Power of Embodied Transformation’ by Coaches Rising, Netherlands and is a Dance Movement Therapist certified from The International Dance Council, France and Creative Movement Therapy Association of India. She believes that education and learning are the keys to success for every woman and thus, is the Founder of Project Azaadi, which exists to make free basic education available to underprivileged women.

At The Women of Vision, she’s ready to help women navigate their career choices and entrepreneurial dreams with her expertise.

Vikaashh Kripallani

Vikaashh is the co-founder of The Women of Vision, a personal success coach and a motivated business leader with 25+ years of work experience. He’s been a catalyst in business development and driving strategic growth for global clients.

He started his career at the age of 18 and has constantly been enhancing his skills and knowledge ever since. He’s played a vital role in the real estate industry, wealth-tech sector and the corporate management vertical. Vikaashh completed his coach training with Coach-To-Transformation (Rajat Garg and Arvind R) under the aegis of ICF in March 2018.

He supported the transformation and successful business sale of his wife’s venture – Forrente Pâtisserie in Pune, and it was the turning point for him in starting The Women of Vision. He aspires to share his strategic insights and guidance with women entrepreneurs and women in the workplace to help them get closer to success in this competitive marketplace.

He helps clients overcome personal roadblocks, cultivate a habit of visioning and portray a high level of confidence in accomplishing goals. He’s ready to support every woman in her journey of goal-fulfilment and has many ideas to promote success.

Our Vision

To empower women worldwide to thrive by recognizing their true potential, moving with confidence towards their goals, living joyfully and thus, growing the community of superwomen.

Our Mission

To create 100 Success Stories Every Year.
We want to unleash their highest potential to develop stupendous career success, start their dream business or expand their existing business.

Our Philosophy & Values

To offer an exponential opportunity for every woman dreamer to get closer to
her professional or entrepreneurial goals with training, support, capital and networking solutions.


To understand the challenges of women and create a safe space to share, explore and expand their thinking.


To deliver rich, immersive and transformational content in the form of training programs, coaching and mentoring that enables each member to come alive to their life’s vision.


To deliver on our promises and make a real difference in the world by empowering women. To be ethical in our business practices and daily conduct with our employees, members, advisors, partners and other stakeholders.


To work with utmost passion towards our goal and instill the same passion for learning and growing amongst our community members.

Continuous Learning

To inspire a love for learning within ourselves and our community to help constantly improve on our skills, knowledge and ideas.

Stories of Change!

I have known Sheeja as a very warm person, who has a deep sense of listening for both the body and language. Given an objective, she really helped me embody practices that has generated results for me both in personal and professional domains.

K V Raghuraman, Vice President -Sales, Government, Siemens Healthineers India
The coaching conversations with Sheeja have been extremely beneficial to me.
Her somatic and centering practices enabled me to look at situations and challenges calmly and come up with possibilities I was never aware of.
By allowing me to put on a different lens and changing my stories, her approach has given me joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in different areas of life.
Kishore Hosangady, Co-founder and Executive Director, Enflexis Solutions, an IT Consulting and Recruitment firm India
Sheeja is very perceptive and warm. She understands you as someone who has a history and more importantly a future that you can design. Using centering practices, somatic exercises, and conversations she creates the space to meet the leader in you. It was particularly helpful in going out and making offers to potential clients with confidence. I also learned to center myself so that I can hold myself in situations that were challenging.
Madhavan Palanisamy, Award Winning Photographer

Thanks to Sheeja’s coaching, I created some very empowering stories in 2 years that helped me pass major hurdles in business & personal life. She always gave space to understand my perspective, gave direction such that I can find my own solution (not get dependent on her) & was upfront (in nice way) in pointing out my mistakes. Her somatic practices made me see my body talking to me every moment & give lot of awareness. She is one coach I will always go back and very sure of getting right direction.

Kapil Agrawal, Media Magic Technologies Founder and MD India
Sheeja is a force of nature! When I feel disempowered I reflect back on what Sheeja would say in a situation like this and I find answers that make me become a different observer and take different action. My results at home and the business are better now than ever before. I’m more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I feel my life is more in my control and I am in the driver’s seat, rather than being at the mercy of situations or other people. Thank you very much Sheeja.
Deepa Dua, Glamorous Boutique CEO India

My Coaching with Sheeja not only brought about a different observer in me but made me clearly see that I have a choice in every given situation.

Being gentle, comforting and forth right she showed me the mirror several times making me realise how I was easily giving away my power.

She helped me build a strong muscle to fulfill and manage my promises efficiently.

The somatic practices learned from her not only helped me gain my lost power back but easily combat the grave situations smoothly.

Overall it has been a very fruitful collaboration, highly motivating and inspiring.

Will highly recommend her coaching for people who want to evolve and excel.

Rohit Mahajan, Orpheus, MD, India
Sheeja is an extraordinary life coach and a somatic expert. I found her sessions to be immensely helpful and her approach to understand human issues is empathetic & without fault finding. She has deep understanding of human psychology and her ability to unravel the unsaid complex emotions is immense. If you are looking to understand why things don’t happen the way you want and are keen to make a difference to your life then Sheeja can be great guide. My life is good and I am enjoying this renewed phase of my life and have brought back the missing focus – Thanks to you :) but yes still a lot of ground to cover.
S. G., General Manager, India
Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us. I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions! While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day.
Anila Nair, Head People Practices,India
Sheeja is an incredible coach. She has every skill that any coach anywhere in the world needs to have. She is the mirror that is needed for someone who wishes to be coached. She has the ability to listen to her coachees without making any assessments about them whatsoever and helping them decide themselves about the actions they want to take to take care of their cares. She is amazing at helping her coachees get clarity and connection with their own cares. She makes her coachees feel very comfortable, enough to open up freely, and have an effective conversation that helps them get the results they want. She holds the space beautifully for them, something that is so needed in such coaching conversations. Most important of all, she is a Somatic leader, a leader in the space of listening to the body. This helps her put her coachees at ease right at the onset, through her incredible centering practices. Which helps make her coaching sessions all the more effective. This expertise, this skill is rare amongst coaches. She is amongst the few coaches who have studied and practiced Somatics, listening to the body, as an important part of every person’s generative leadership skills. Sheeja is a brilliant and is a delight to work with as a coach! Ifyou need or want to work with a Coach, have Sheeja work with you without any hesitation! That is my suggestion based on my experience of knowing her for the last many years.
Prashant Dua, Business Owner, India
Before I was coached by Sheeja I used to be confused about decisions I had to make in life and my relation with my daughter was also hitting rock bottom. Sheeja brought that much needed relief in my life. She even helped me see the reasons for some health issues I was facing that time were in the way I was managing my emotions. With time and her coaching as well as the Somatic Practices that she recommended, I was able to make grounded decisions, understand my daughter more and even take care of my health! It was a great one year with Sheeja and the effects still last!
Bindu P., Nurse Australia