Women across the world were affected by the pandemic – both at work and home. According to a McKinsey research, Covid had a near-immediate effect on women’s employment. One in four women considered leaving the workforce or downshifting, compared to one in five men. Working mothers and women in leadership roles struggled to keep up with the changes, especially in countries like India, which is an emerging economy. Luckily, the pandemic is now moving towards an endemic, and women are considering rejoining the workforce, chasing their dreams and venturing into professional roles without falling behind.

For any company or individual, to deal with a setback, the three pronged approach includes – respond, recover and thrive. While the response in the pandemic was to quit or take a step back, the recovery is bringing women back in the workforce or in the professional scenario, and it’s now time to thrive.

If you’re ready to make a mark in 2022, we bring you the top 5 tips to learn, grow and excel.

1. Demonstrate Great Leadership Skills

Leadership skills aren’t limited to managers or supervisors. Anyone who can communicate their strategy and vision and encourage others in the process is considered to have good leadership skills. Similarly, embracing feedback from your team, being self-aware and promoting accountability in these challenging times can help you go a long way.

2. Embrace Flexibility and Adaptability

The pandemic has pushed all of us to be more flexible and adaptable. However, employers and businesses will be on the lookout for these skills in a post-pandemic world. Flexibility isn’t just about geographic mobility but also having an open mindset, adjusting to evolving deadlines, prioritizing and taking up additional responsibilities.

3. Learn More, Earn More

The pandemic has reinforced the lesson of ‘survival of the fittest’ in every way. Even in the corporate world, upskilling became a necessity to survive and retain jobs. As a woman in the workforce, it’s essential to keep learning, enhance your skill-sets, boost your knowledge and invest in your future to make the most of your dreams.

4. Be More Tech Savvy

Did you know that 82% of job vacancies now require some kind of digital skills? Today, almost every business is dependent on technology, and that’s why it’s critical to enrich your technical skills and be aligned with today’s myriad tech platforms. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is on the horizon, investment is not limited to technologies, but also people who understand technology. Computer programming, the Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, data literacy and machine learning (ML) will help give your profile an edge over the competition.

5. Building a Creative Mindset

Sure, machines are doing most of our work, but nothing matches human intelligence and our ability to think out of the box. Today, creativity isn’t limited to the conventional creative professions. Every industry, sector and business needs a creative mindset to steer enterprises through challenges and opportunities, just like the pandemic brought forth.

Leading a team, organization in a post-pandemic world involves shifting your management techniques and building a mindset of growing, learning and evolving. The Women of Vision is a platform for women in business, professional roles and leadership roles to join a community of superwomen. Embrace new opportunities to learn and boost your confidence as you gear up for phenomenal growth ahead.

The Women of Vision helps you find your purpose, maximize your potential, live in a new paradigm and move boldly into the future.

Are you ready to uplift yourself and inspire others?

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