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For women entrepreneurs who want to unlock new levels of personal awesomeness and business success.



“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”

Alice Walker

Founder CEO


Welcome to

The Women of Vision

A learning platform exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs :

  • Overcome their Personal Barriers

  •  Build a clear vision about their business

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

  • Accomplish Breakthrough Goals

This is a learning platform for Women Entrepreneurs who are committed to building successful businesses. We know running a business can be exciting and overwhelming. Entrepreneurship comes with its own ups and downs and specially so for women who wish to take care of their business, family and themselves.

We bring to you best-in-class training and coaching designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools and practices you need to overcome your personal and business challenges, to dream big, have audacious goals and go ahead and achieve them!


Our Approach

We enable Businesswomen to tap into their potential, grow and expand their capacities and generate results that they choose.
We believe every woman is a powerhouse! She has immense potential that has been left untapped, the reasons can be very many like social conditioning, her experiences, her culture, her own practices, her own self-limiting conversations and so on.
Through our life changing coaching and training programs we have seen Businesswomen make huge shifts in their business and live a life of contentment and joy!

Our Offers


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Our learning programs are focused on the challenges and developmental needs of Women Entrepreneurs who are committed to build successful businesses.



We offer powerful coaching sessions to help you navigate through the phases of Entrepreneurship and come out from the winning side!


Our Vision

Is to empower women all over the world to thrive in life by recognising their true potential, moving with confidence towards their goals, living joyfully and creating stupendous results in their businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission of 2022 -2023


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Team Expansion

Personal development

Meet the Founders


Sheeja Shaju

Sheeja has over 25+ years of corporate experience and is a Transformational Leadership Coach and a Somatic Leader who has completed more than 450 hours of coaching with corporates and businesses.

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Vikaashh Kripallani

Vikaashh is a personal success coach and business transformation consultant who’s completed over 200 hours of coaching with business leaders, corporate executives and small business owners.

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A Little About Us

50 Years of experience

With 50 years of work experience across diverse industries, we share the common threads of humble beginnings and a hunger to continually evolve. Oscillating between employment and entrepreneurship, helped shape a deep understanding of the nuances of managing ourselves and our relationships to drive success.

Today, we have more than 600 hours of coaching experience between us. We do a lot of individual and one-on-one coaching for business owners and freelancers.

600 Hours of coaching

10 Sectors served

We have served in sectors like IT and ITES, Automobile, Banking, Advertising, Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment and Media, Fashion, F&B, Ayurveda, Digital Marketing. We also have a panel of experts, trainers and mentors who have expertise working with women entrepreneurs.


Our Testimonials


Sheeja is a force of nature! When I feel disempowered I reflect back on what Sheeja would say in a situation like this and I find answers that make me become a different observer and take different action. My results at home and the business are better now than ever before. I’m more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I feel my life is more in my control and I am in the driver’s seat.

Deepa Dua,

CEO, Glamorous Boutique Pune, India