A Platform For Learning, Transformation and Growth

A Platform For Learning, Transformation and Growth

a Community of Wisdom Seekers on a Mission to Succeed.

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The Platform

Transformational Learning

For developing your mindset and skillsets

Transformational Learning

For developing your mindset and skillsets

by Experts

For learning from accomplished women

Masterclasses by Experts

For learning from accomplished women

Mentors & Advisors

For guidance on business & career growth

Mentors & Advisors

For guidance on business & career growth

Community of Superwomen

For meaningful connections and inspiration

Welcome to
The Women of Vision

Welcome to
The Women of Vision

A learning platform exclusively for women to help you:

  • Leapfrog in your career

  • Start a new venture or

  • Expand your current business

We are bringing to you best-in-class training and coaching designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools and practices you need to overcome your fears and move towards your goals with complete confidence.

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“Self-care is giving the world the best of you,
instead of what’s left of you.”
– Katie Reed


Learning and adopting new empowering ways of living that are aligned to your vision is the only way to build the life of your dreams. Learn, Implement, Review & Repeat.


Overcome self-limiting behaviours, optimize your personal strengths, take control of your emotions, and design each day to become the person you want to be.


With new learning opportunities, advice from experts and mentors and a powerful community of progressive women, you get to steer your future in the direction you aspire.

Meet the Founders

Sheeja Shaju

Sheeja has over 25+ years of corporate experience and is a Transformational Leadership Coach and a Somatic Leader who has completed more than 450 hours of coaching with corporates and businesses.

Vikaashh Kripallani

Vikaashh is a personal success coach and business transformation consultant who’s completed over 200 hours of coaching with business leaders, corporate executives and small business owners.

Together, Sheeja & Vikaashh
are determined to create 100 success stories every year

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Stories of Transformation!

Our Testimonials

Sheeja is a force of nature! When I feel disempowered I reflect back on what Sheeja would say in a situation like this and I find answers that make me become a different observer and take different action. My results at home and the business are better now than ever before. I’m more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I feel my life is more in my control and I am in the driver’s seat.

Deepa Dua, CEO, Glamorous Boutique Pune, India

Gifted with the art of probing, Vikaashh helped uncover painful spots within, have wonderful a-ha moments and helped me be calmer, more aware and build a stronger mindset. I now have the right tools and framework to use lifelong, towards aspirations in all areas of my life.

Vikaashh comes from a space of empathy and wisdom, and those who work with him are in the great hands of a master in his craft!

Leena Sukumar, Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing San Francisco Bay Area, United States

Working with Sheeja has been a wonderful experience for me. She has helped me recognise my own potential and has motivated me to be a better version of myself. She provides a right balance of support and challenge. She shares very practical and insightful techniques, while makes the experience very enjoyable and easy.

I have had a positive change in my mindset and a richness in my dealing with situations and people. My health, productivity and personal relations have improved. I am calmer and thoroughly enjoying this transformational journey.

Nikita Khadse, Business Analyst, Tech Mahindra

Coaching with Vikaashh has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, with myself. I started to understand myself better. Vikaashh pushes you to discover deep seated thoughts and emotions and helps you realise your underlying hidden power and potential.

I have grown to be more focused, confident and each day I look at ways to expand my capabilities and possibilities.

Shikha Prakash, Ayurvedic Physician Dehradun, India.

Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us. I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions! While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day.

Anila Nair, Head, People Practices, India

Vikaashh is a brilliant life coach! I expected advice on directions to make my life happier and successful, instead he helped me choose my own direction and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. From helping me discover my self-limiting beliefs to setting goals aligned to my vision, I am now empowered to continually work on my transformation and growth.

I am taking care of myself, and am more confident, positive and success oriented.

Yasmin Gill, Business Development Manager Emerging Markets & Strategic Projects

Sheeja brought that much needed relief in my life. She has helped me see the reasons for some health issues I was facing linked to the way I was managing my emotions. With time and her coaching as well as the Somatic Practices that she recommended, I was able to make grounded decisions, understand my daughter more and even take care of my health! It was a great one year with Sheeja and the effects still last!

Bindu P, Nurse, Australia

With Vikaashh, my coaching experience keeps getting better & profound with each session. I am grateful to him for coaching me towards my dreams and helping me to grow into a woman who has clarity of thoughts, vision in life and the courage to face everything in stride.

He is truly gifted & I am glad to have crossed paths with him. Conversations with him allow me to dig deep within and work on my personal roadblocks with ease. As an entrepreneur, I highly recommend working alongside a transformational coach and what better than signing on Vikaashh himself.

Harshitaa Shorewala, Owner, Cake Dior Pune, India