A Platform For Learning, Transformation and Growth

A Platform For Learning, Transformation and Growth

a Community of Wisdom Seekers on a Mission to Succeed.

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Transformational Learning

For upgrading your mindset and skillsets

Transformational Learning

For upgrading your mindset and skillsets

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For learning from successful women guidance from

Masterclasses by Experts

For learning from successful women

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For business & career growth

Guidance from Mentors & Advisors

For business & career growth

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Welcome to
the women of vision

Welcome to
The Women of Vision

A learning platform exclusively for women to help you:

  • Leapfrog in your career
  • Start a new venture or
  • Expand your current business

We are bringing to you best-in-class training and coaching designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools and practices you need to overcome your fears and move towards your goals with complete confidence.

There’s Power in Women Coming Together

Our purpose is to see you Learn, Transform & Grow

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Learning and adopting new empowering ways of living that are aligned to your vision is the only way to build the life of your dreams.


Overcome self-limiting behaviours, optimize your personal strengths, take control of your emotions, and design each day to become the person you want to be.


With new learning opportunities, advice from experts and mentors and a powerful community of progressive women, you get to steer your future in the direction you aspire. Become a superwoman and inspire others.

Our Platform is designed to Help you Achieve
New Heights of Success

We’re inviting life-long learners to join the league of ambitious women

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8 Practices to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset
What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail? Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset is all about having an attitude that enables you to embrace risk and work towards the reward. Learn how to become the best version of yourself and transform your personal and professional life.

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Every Saturday starting from
Date: 26th February 2022
Time: 4 pm
Conducted on: Zoom

Think Like an Entrepreneur & Make Your Move.

We’re hosting a complimentary introductory webinar to help women in business and in leadership roles to unleash their true potential. When you start thinking like an entrepreneur, you are better equipped to make your move – towards your dream career or business goals. Learn from our expert coaches and get a sneak peek into The Women of Vision.

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Date: 29thJanuary 2022,
Time: 3 to 4.30 pm.
Conducted on Zoom
Price: Free

Meet the Founders

Sheeja Shaju

Sheeja has over 25+ years of corporate experience and is a Transformational Leadership Coach and a Somatic Leader who has completed more than 450 hours of coaching with corporates and businesses.

Vikaashh Kripallani

Vikaashh is a personal success coach and business transformation consultant who’s completed over 200 hours of coaching with business leaders, corporate executives and small business owners.

Together, Sheeja & Vikaashh
are determined to create 100 success stories every year

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Stories of Change!

Our Testimonials

I have known Sheeja as a very warm person, who has a deep sense of listening for both the body and language. Given an objective, she really helped me embody practices that has generated results for me both in personal and professional domains.

K V Raghuraman, Vice President -Sales, Government, Siemens Healthineers India
The coaching conversations with Sheeja have been extremely beneficial to me.
Her somatic and centering practices enabled me to look at situations and challenges calmly and come up with possibilities I was never aware of.
By allowing me to put on a different lens and changing my stories, her approach has given me joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in different areas of life.
Kishore Hosangady, Co-founder and Executive Director, Enflexis Solutions, an IT Consulting and Recruitment firm India
Sheeja is very perceptive and warm. She understands you as someone who has a history and more importantly a future that you can design. Using centering practices, somatic exercises, and conversations she creates the space to meet the leader in you. It was particularly helpful in going out and making offers to potential clients with confidence. I also learned to center myself so that I can hold myself in situations that were challenging.
Madhavan Palanisamy, Award Winning Photographer

Thanks to Sheeja’s coaching, I created some very empowering stories in 2 years that helped me pass major hurdles in business & personal life. She always gave space to understand my perspective, gave direction such that I can find my own solution (not get dependent on her) & was upfront (in nice way) in pointing out my mistakes. Her somatic practices made me see my body talking to me every moment & give lot of awareness. She is one coach I will always go back and very sure of getting right direction.

Kapil Agrawal, Media Magic Technologies Founder and MD India
Sheeja is a force of nature! When I feel disempowered I reflect back on what Sheeja would say in a situation like this and I find answers that make me become a different observer and take different action. My results at home and the business are better now than ever before. I’m more confident than before on handling my personal and professional life. Overall, I feel my life is more in my control and I am in the driver’s seat, rather than being at the mercy of situations or other people. Thank you very much Sheeja.
Deepa Dua, Glamorous Boutique CEO India

My Coaching with Sheeja not only brought about a different observer in me but made me clearly see that I have a choice in every given situation.

Being gentle, comforting and forth right she showed me the mirror several times making me realise how I was easily giving away my power.

She helped me build a strong muscle to fulfill and manage my promises efficiently.

The somatic practices learned from her not only helped me gain my lost power back but easily combat the grave situations smoothly.

Overall it has been a very fruitful collaboration, highly motivating and inspiring.

Will highly recommend her coaching for people who want to evolve and excel.

Rohit Mahajan, Orpheus, MD, India
Sheeja is an extraordinary life coach and a somatic expert. I found her sessions to be immensely helpful and her approach to understand human issues is empathetic & without fault finding. She has deep understanding of human psychology and her ability to unravel the unsaid complex emotions is immense. If you are looking to understand why things don’t happen the way you want and are keen to make a difference to your life then Sheeja can be great guide. My life is good and I am enjoying this renewed phase of my life and have brought back the missing focus – Thanks to you :) but yes still a lot of ground to cover.
S. G., General Manager, India
Being coached by Sheeja was a great experience – I saw first hand how to be non-judgemental and compassionate yet holding every coachee to a high potential that she saw in each of us. I am glad for all the practices, and questions that she asked that caused us to reflect on our actions! While it took me a while to catch up, I am glad for the opportunity and patience that she showed and continues to show, even to this day.
Anila Nair, Head People Practices,India
Sheeja is an incredible coach. She has every skill that any coach anywhere in the world needs to have. She is the mirror that is needed for someone who wishes to be coached. She has the ability to listen to her coachees without making any assessments about them whatsoever and helping them decide themselves about the actions they want to take to take care of their cares. She is amazing at helping her coachees get clarity and connection with their own cares. She makes her coachees feel very comfortable, enough to open up freely, and have an effective conversation that helps them get the results they want. She holds the space beautifully for them, something that is so needed in such coaching conversations. Most important of all, she is a Somatic leader, a leader in the space of listening to the body. This helps her put her coachees at ease right at the onset, through her incredible centering practices. Which helps make her coaching sessions all the more effective. This expertise, this skill is rare amongst coaches. She is amongst the few coaches who have studied and practiced Somatics, listening to the body, as an important part of every person’s generative leadership skills. Sheeja is a brilliant and is a delight to work with as a coach! Ifyou need or want to work with a Coach, have Sheeja work with you without any hesitation! That is my suggestion based on my experience of knowing her for the last many years.
Prashant Dua, Business Owner, India
Before I was coached by Sheeja I used to be confused about decisions I had to make in life and my relation with my daughter was also hitting rock bottom. Sheeja brought that much needed relief in my life. She even helped me see the reasons for some health issues I was facing that time were in the way I was managing my emotions. With time and her coaching as well as the Somatic Practices that she recommended, I was able to make grounded decisions, understand my daughter more and even take care of my health! It was a great one year with Sheeja and the effects still last!
Bindu P., Nurse Australia